lil' miss b goes smokin' hot with crft pit hk!

adding to our portfolio of the love for food and wine, crft pit hk is the newest of our ventures! With a bunch of friends who share the same passion for food and smoked goods, we decided to start a central kitchen and smoke goods locally! click on the picture to the left to read a little bit of info on our latest venture... ☆

Bazaar Hong Kong Featured Artiste!

2014 was an exciting year in all aspects! from fashion to wine, travel to charity, its been an eye-opening year for me! Here's to a new beginning :)

Asia Model Fashion awardS X Mr. jimmy choo!

It was such a great honor to recieve the Amfa 2013 for hong kong! my first time in korea (not just passing thru the airport) and meeting Mr. Jimmy choo all in one trip! definitely one for my scrapbook memories~~

a lil' miss b "add-venture"!

I recently got together with a bunch a friends and decided to be a part of a new venture! it's a cool little hang-out place called "racks" in hong kong and you don't have to be a member~~ that's right! you can be a normal friendly soul who just might want to go out with a couple of friends and catch up! it's like... "wouldn't you like to get away... some times you wanna go... sing it!!~~ "